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True Detective Season Two: Can Pizzolatto Do It Again?

As we move toward the debut of season two of True Detective, everyone is asking the same question: can Nic Pizzolatto do it again?

Undeniably, he had the right formula in the first season. The world sat on the edge of its seats while Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson fumbled towards enlightenment. The easiest thing in the world would have been to put together a second season that used some of the tropes developed in the first. Pizzolatto wasn’t having any of it. According to all sources, for season two he's ripped everything up and started again.

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In Literature, Do Women Have Cooties?

Novelist Nicola Griffith (Slow River, Ammonite, The Blue Place) analyzed the last 15 years’ results from a bunch of the heavy hitting award programs: Pulitzer Prize, Man Booker Prize, National Book Award, National Book Critics’ Circle Award, Hugo Award and Newbery Medal. With data in hand, she reached some startling conclusions:

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Authors at Work: Anne Tyler Doesn’t Need Inspiration

Pulitzer Prize-winning author, Anne Tyler (Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant, The Accidental Tourist, Breathing Lessons), recently told The Huffington Post UK that she quite often writes “completely without inspiration.”

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