I once read somewhere that the most popular thing to buy a man for Christmas is a sweater. While I don't believe every article I read, I believed that one if for no other reason than the men in my life seem to have a suspicious number of unworn sweaters piling up in their closets, presumably from the other women in their lives. Me? I don't buy sweaters. Not for anyone besides me, anyway. I guess I figure a sweater is too personal an item to be buying for someone else. Who am I to foist a Rudolph-and-Santa-cavorting sweater onto my boyfriend? And hopefully -- by restraining myself -- I'm encouraging him to likewise restraint. Honestly, there's no one I'd buy a sweater for besides Bill Cosby.

Books are another matter. I'm of the school of thought that you can't ever have enough books. (Which explains why it's sometimes difficult to navigate around the stacks in my abode.) Not only can you not possess too many -- if you search hard enough -- you can find the right book for anyone. Anyone. One size fits all and you don't have to worry about getting the right color.

It can be amazing and warming to search and search for just the right book for that devout non-reader on your list, and then to know you've succeeded when you see his eyes warm over when he opens it. Books are that kind of gift. And because there are in excess of 50,000 titles published in North America alone each and every year, finding the right book can be daunting: yes. But it's pretty darn likely that the book you're looking for -- the perfect gift book -- is out there. Somewhere. Maybe we can help you find it.