Sunday, October 28, 2007

Skype and Annick Team Up for Kids

Annick Press has teamed with Skype Technologies to put together an online program for middle and junior high school kids.

LIVEbrary brings students together with authors, experts and teachers virtually in a secure online environment. Funded in part by a two-year grant from Canada Council for the Arts, the program is free, but teachers and librarians must register their classrooms in advance to participate in the live chats. Parents and homeschoolers are also welcome.

Every week a lesson plan is distributed containing reading material, an assignment, a quiz and questions for discussion. Students participate using a variety of technologies, including blogging, e-mail and Skype chat. Each week a noted author expert serves as instructor and meets with students for a live one-hour chat via Skype. Annick Press is providing tech support for schools and libraries to ensure smooth connections.

This coming week, LIVEbrary visitors will be joining Hal Niedzvieki whose lesson is called “DIY ZINES: Your Own Pop Culture Machine.” Niedzviecki is the editor of Broken Pencil and the author of The Big Book of Pop Culture.

To register or get more information, drop a note to or pop on by the blog to see LIVEbrary in action.


Blogger steveo said...


Thanks for posting an announcement for The LIVEbrary. Here's an update on the program.

We followed the Media Awareness season with seven authors on World History this spring. We're now offering free online classroom visits using any interface a teacher chooses (if we can figure it out). That means Skype, ooVoo, Meebo, Moodle, etc.

We'll be back in fall of 2008 with five authors on Science, then spring of 2009 with five more authors on Health.

We appreciate your support for this free educational program for middle school and junior high school students, teachers, and librarians.

Producer, The LIVEbrary

Thursday, July 10, 2008 9:33:00 AM PDT  

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